7ft. Turkish girl gets 'world's tallest teenager' Guinness title

7 footer Turkish girl 'Rumeysa Gelgi' has been declared as the world's tallest teenager by the Guinness World Records.

Rumeysa Gelgi the tallest teenager

Gelgi is currently at her 11th grade. Her height is due to a condition called 'Weaver Syndrome', a genetic disorder that inflicts rapid growth.

Gelgi is not without issues with the people around her. She has been subjected to ridicule, but she already learned to accept things.

Instead of entertaining the negative remarks given to her, she chose to live in the spirit of positivity when it comes to her unique physical characteristic. "I like being different from everyone else", Gelgi said.

Doctors findings say, Rumeysa Gelgi will not be growing further, which leaves her unable o surpass or get even with the 'Tallest Living Person's' height record set by Sultan Kösen (8ft 3 in), also a Turkish.

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