DJ Mo Twister criticizes Julian Estrada for using the word 'nigga' on social media

DJ Mo Twister continues the social media war against an Estrada, this time on the use of a very sensitive term on social media.

DJ Mo Twister on Julian Estrada Nigga

DJ Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay) is at it again to take on the son of now-detained Senator Jinggoy Estrada, Julian Estrada.

Julian (@julestrada) seem to have been caught by Mo using the globally known ethnic slur, 'nigga'.

This was Mo Twister's post on Instagram (@djmotwister) on July 6 (Sun):
As the son of a corrupt Senator and grandson of a convicted felon President, I strongly encourage you to educate yourself in its meaning, to open your senses about its effects, and to remind yourself of your place in this world, wherein using such a word as liberally as you do can result in a broken nose or worse, and we wouldn’t want to get blood on your lovely white LV (Louis Vuitton) shoes. It is incredibly racist to millions of people. Not that I’m trying to save the world here but I just don’t want a presidential grandson to represent our country in that manner, you poser f**k. #HarshTag

This is Mo's follow up rant towards an Estrada. On July 3, he asked on Twitter if Jolo Ejercito has got a Twitter account, hoping he could 'cyber-bully' him. A lengthy exchange of Tweets with the siblings of Jolo - Julian and Jel followed.

As of this posting, Julian has not yet responded to Twister's post.

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