DOTA trash talking Pinoy players 'find romance'

How these two Filipino guys found the love of their lives is having some rounds on social media networks, specially Facebook.

Reportedly, these two guys who look like hardliners in the famous online multiplayer game 'Defense of the Ancients' otherwise known as DOTA, used to be enemies in the online game. Their exchanges of trash talks brought them into a seemingly unexpected romance.

One of alleged lovers posted a photo of him together with the 'badboy' of his life, with the description:
I first met him when he trash talked me in our game and because of that bad boy attitude  tried to add him to my friends and facebook then poof! Then na develop na..
DOTA trash talkers became lovers

We posted this one of a kind relationship triggered by an online game not because we fully grasped the veracity of this particular event in the lives of the supposed 'Two Filipino guys in love' with each other, but rather to the possibility that this kind of attachment can possibly exist.

Reading through our source material, one of the commenters said, the author should have done a more in-depth research before posting the topic.

DOTA trash talk

..I hope as a blogger, you also did a some research before posting this story, cause this is not 'f***g true, and they're both my friends, each has his own love life
While we accept the above element of tendency, we also thought that this subject could be a way to induce a trending topic online.

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