Dubai to build climate-controlled 'city' with the largest mall 'Mall of the World', plus indoor park

Dubai is heading towards building a climate-controlled city featuring, yet the largest mall in the world - 'Mall of the World', as per the office of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum, ruler of Dubai revealed in a press presentation.

In the 'Mall of the World' is an indoor park, plus hotels, resorts and entertainment hubs such as theaters and the like, the developer said.

Here is the photo of the 'climate-controlled city' project's scale model:

Dubai Mall of the World

According to Dubai Holding, Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed's developer, the grand addition to the country's robust development, the 'Mall of the World' will be in an all-pedestrian complex covering a total area of 48 million square feet (4.45 million square meters).

Dubai Mall of the World climate controlled city

Dubai Mall of the World indoor park

Dubai Mall of the World photo

The 'new city' will be having the 'largest indoor theme park in world', contained in a glass dome.

The project is aimed to withstand summer and winter seasons. Said Sheikh Mohammed:
Our ambitions are higher than having seasonal tourism. Tourism is key driver of our economy and we aim to make the UAE an attractive destination all year long
This is why we will start working on providing pleasant temperature-controlled environments during the summer months.
In a rough estimate, Dubai hopes to invite over 180 million visitors per year, once the gigantic project is in place.


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