Giant salamander strolls on land in Japan (Video)

Found having a silent stroll somewhere in Kyoto, Japan - a Giant Salamander.

Species like these are called 'Ōsanshōuo', which literally means 'giant pepper fish'. It goes with the scientific name ' Andrias japonicus'. It is endemic in Japan.

Ōsanshōuo spend most of their times underwater, however, they also find time to hover on land. This particular one was spotted by a Twitter user サ ‏(@SASSA1002) in Japan, somewhere near Kamor River in Kyoto.

Giant salamander in Japan - Ōsanshōuo

By the look, this slimy looking creature may pose like a monster, but as the video showed below, it looked more like a passive predator.

Watch the video posted by YouTube user Jerry Maguire (

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