Heartbreaking video of kids in Gaza targeted by Israel airstrike in front of the journalists +photo +video

'Israel exposed', says a public figure, born in Canada, raised in Egypt and medical student Mohammed Zeyara (https://www.facebook.com/mzeyara/info).

Palestinian kids under attack

This is just heartbreaking to the highest level. Setting aside religious beliefs and ideologies being fought for, these live targets were little kids openly targeted by an airstrike right in front of international media men.

These image contains a rough sequence of how the four young little kids from the Baker family succumbed to the mighty airstrike of Israel.

The kids can be seen running for safety. But who are they and what can they do?

Palestinian kids targeted by Israel airstrike

The Palestinian kids were identified as:

1. Ahed Atif Baker (10)
2. Zakaria Ahed Baker (10)
3. Mohamed Ramiz Baker (11)
4. Ismael Mohamed Baker (9)

After the airstrike, these images will shock you more than ever:

kids die in gaza

kids die in gaza

children die in gaza

children die in gaza

Here's a video taken after the attack, that is, after the little young boys were lifeless.

The say, 'The children of Palestine are the bravest children the world has ever witnessed'.

Palestinian kids are the bravest

Image: Grabbed from http://bit.ly/mohamedzeyarafbpost1
Video: Moataz Ahmed (http://bit.ly/moataz_ahmedGazaVid)

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