'Jeepneys should be replaced with something different', says transport adviser

Should the 'iconic' and 'king of the road' jeepneys be phased out and replaced with something else?

Jeepney replacement

That was the subject addressed boldly by transport sector adviser Rene Santiago in his talk during the 36th National Academy of Science and Technology Annual Meeting over the week.

Santiago recalled that jeepneys have not received any innovation since 1950. 'Why do we call it an icon of pride when it should be a symbol of shame?', Santiago asked.

The adviser made reference of the nature of the work the jeepney drivers are subject to. Basically, they compete in the realm of who gets to fill the jeepney faster and who gets the most turn around trips.

What the adviser suggested is the adaption of electric vehicles, thus he mentioned about COMET or 'City Optimized Managed Electric Transport', a next-gen e-vehicle designed to improve the deteriorating traffic and environment of Metro Manila.

The jeepneys have been our mode of transportation since decades ago. In fact, when you say 'Philippines', it is almost always intertwined with the word 'jeepney'.

Meanwhile, the COMET vehicles have got about 30 fleets ready for deployment already. It is expected to be rolled out in Metro Manila by the 2nd quarter of 2014.

In your own experience and understanding, should the jeepneys be replaced? (Source)

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