Photos of Korean actor Kang Ji Hwan 'sleeping with a Filipina' surfaces online

Korean actor Kang Ji Hwan's visit to the Philippines to shoot for a magazine became the talk of the town after photos of him sleeping with a Filipina surfaced in the social media networks.

Kang Ji Hwan selfie scandal with Filipina

The Korean celebrity made it to the news, even in South Korea because of the allegedly scandalous photographs.

Apparently, a girl named Angel Javier posted a collage of photos of her and Hwan on Facebook, captioned "together sleep with Korean actor Mr. Ji Hwan Kang."

The 'Selfie Scandal' quickly spread online, prompting an official representative of Hwan to issue the following clarifications:
Kang Ji Hwan is currently in the Philippines due to a magazine photo shoot for Sure magazine. The woman in the photos is his guide's wife. He took the photos on the night of the 10th, and it seems she posted them this morning. The guide and Kang Ji Hwan became fast friends there, and he also got close with his wife. The photos were taken for fun, and they've now become trouble. The woman who posted the photos is currently very apologetic, and she said that she would post a message about it on Facebook.
Meanwhile, Javier issued an apology for posting the said pictures, which came out to be edited in the real sense.
very sorry only edited pictures hope you can forgive me because his my idol sorry again.
Kang Ji Hwan arrived in Cebu Mactan International Airport on July 9, for a photoshoot sponsored by the Philippines’ Department of Tourism-Korea.

Did you happen to see the said controversial photos of Kang Ji Hwan in your Facebook timeline?

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