Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Dutchman passenger joked about plane disappearance

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 news: The sudden fate of the Malaysian airline on Thursday was somewhat jokingly posted by a Dutchman believed to be one of the passengers on board.

Cor Pan posted on his Facebook account, a photo of flight MH17 captioned:
If the plane disappears, this is what it looks like (Trans.).
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Little did Pan know that the said aircraft is really bound to crumble into pieces right at the soils of Ukraine.

Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight down. A few hours after the flight , a news broke out about an airplane shot down by militants, killing about 300 passengers on board.

Flight MH17 was supposed to arrive in Kuala Lumpur on Friday morning.

Hovering over Facebook in hope of finding substantial updates on Mr. Cor Pan, we found this newly setup community page titled 'Cor Pan'.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 passenger Cor Pan

From how the comments are pouring in, we were made to believe that Mr. Pan must have died in the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 incident. People are sending condolatory and Rest in Peace (RIP) messages for the Dutchman.

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