Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2014 Results

For the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2014 results, 'Tsinoys' Kurt Ong and Nicole Cordoves outclassed other candidates on Sunday night's pageant.


During the question and answer portion, Ong was asked who to pick an international figure he would want to talk to. He picked Justin Bieber, for the following reasons:
..he inspires many people. And if you inspire people with your good works, you will inspire many people to do good.
On the other hand, Cordoves was asked to give a global message of hope:
I believe that crisis is necessary in order for us to reconcile and have a better tomorrow. We should hold on to the little hope we have and make that spark a real flame—a trailblazer
Full list of winners in the Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2014:

First runners-up:

  • David Licauco
  • Christine Grace Co
Second runners-up:

  • Timothy Yap
  • Tola Orendain
Special Awards:
Mr. and Ms. Talent - John Boo and Christine Co
Mr.and Ms. Friendship - John Boo and Felina Lim
Mr. and Ms. Social Media Favorite - King Choi and Glezlie Ong

Best in Active Wear - David Licauco
Best in Formal Wear - David Licauco
Best in Swimsuit - Nicole Cordoves
Best in Evening Gown - Nicole Cordoves

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