New specie of insects found in China: Wingspan measures 8.3 inches

Somewhere in the wilderness of China, in the mountains of Chengdu, Sichuan province, a new addition to the member of the 'Megaloptera family' has been discovered.

Per record, the 'Megaloptera' family of insects houses about 300 species of fishflies. Such flies are of the subfamily 'Chauliodinae'.

They look more like their nearest kinds - dobsonflies.

Megaloptera family dobsonfly

Megalopteras can be found near ponds and swampy areas. Their huge mandibles extend in front of their head - a body part they use to attract the females.

Megaloptera familyMegaloptera family
The new specie
Megaloptera insects live short, that is why they spend their adult lives mating to produce enough larvae before they are gone.

They grow underwater.

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Shiela Santiago said...

It's big. I'm afraid of insects.