Nora's lawyer corrects PNoy: 'Nora Aunor was never convicted of a crime'

Nora Aunor's lawyer Claire Navarro Espina took to Facebook to counter Pres. Aquino's (PNoy) statement addressing the issue of why the veteran actress was stripped off the Philippine's National Artist nomination.

Lawyer Espina corrects PNoy

PNoy said in an interview:
Ang naging problema ko lang doon, alam naman nating lahat, na-convict po siya sa drugs. Na-convict at naparusahan. Ang tanong ngayon dito, kapag ginawa ba nating National Artist, may mensahe ba akong maliwanag na sinasabi sa sambayanan?
Pres. Aquino stressed that he could be sending the wrong message that use of illegal drugs is somewhat acceptable in the country.

In a post on her Facebook account, Atty. Espina countered PNoy's statement:
NO DRUG CONVICTION - ONCE AGAIN: Nora Aunor was never convicted of a crime, let alone a crime involving drugs here in Los Angeles. I should know - I was the attorney who represented her. Two reporter friends have already pm'd me this issue - again today. Apparently misinformation over in the Philippines on this issue.
"This issue just needs to get corrected and then let it die down and the re-application process to begin. I am informed Pres. Aquino just tweeted incorrectly about the conviction", Espina added through a follow up comment on her own post.

Espina represented Aunor in the Los Angeles court from 2005 to 2007.

Just recently, the MalacaƱang palace declared the new National Artists of the Philippines through a series of proclamations, covering national artist for dance, visual arts, literature, music and architecture.

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