Paolo Bediones trends on Twitter for alleged 'Video Scandal' leaked online

Paolo Bediones trended on Twitter on Sunday following an alleged 'Paolo Bediones scandal video' leaked online.

Paolo Bediones scandal video leaked online

A 6-minute video file has been scoured on file-sharing site Mediashare where the 'Demolition Job' host was spotted with an unidentified girl engaging in an intimate affair.

As reported by CoolBuster, the said 'Paolo Bediones scandal video' went viral like wildfire.

As of writing this article, the responsible party/ies who might have uploaded the video file online are still unknown.

Apparently, this 'Paolo Bediones scandal' issue was picked up by a local tabloid - 'Bandera' last week.

In an effort to clear or perhaps confirm things up, tried to reach out to Paolo but calls and text messages were left unanswered.

TV5, a local station in the Philippines released an official statement regarding their male host involved in the present video scandal making rounds in the social media portals.
The recent issue involving our news anchor, Paolo Bediones, on social media is a purely personal and private matter in which TV5 has no involvement or desire to intrude
We accord our employees and talents all respect that are due them for their privacy and personal action or decision.
We disapprove strongly the malicious and wanton publication of the video, an act that clearly violates pertinent cybercrime laws.
We firmly express our support for our anchor Paolo Bediones in the face of a controversy that represents nothing more than an attempt to smear his reputation.
Paolo Bediones is almost on top of the Twitter trending topics on Sunday.

The netizens, specially Filipinos tuning in on the career of Paolo Bediones as one of the top TV host and newscaster in the Philippines, were all amazed by what appeared in the social tabloids today. Seeing Bediones in a video scandal may appear 'unbecoming', but this is showbiz life. Everything seems unpredictable.

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