Spotted: Pinoy wrongly spelled ads, funny signs and social media statuses

Filipinos are fond of putting up signs to give notice or warning, and sometimes to spark a conversation. But these days, perhaps ever since the advent of 'jejemon' phenomenon, things have gotten worse.

Pinoy funny signs

Let's start with this one - an obvious neglect of what's a waitress' gender is. That 'itiry' thing is the Tagalog version of the English word 'Eatery'. Do we need to mention the 'Applied Now!'?

Pinoy funny signs wanted

Let's move on to 'Entrance Fee' with a couple of exclamation marks for stronger impact. From 'Daytur' (Day Tour) to 'Fear Head', you will wonder how things will go further once you are inside there.

Pinoy funny signs entrance fee
The double murder of burgers (Dobol, Burjer) - this one takes on the words:

Footlong - as 'Putlong'
Burger - as 'Burjer'
Ham and - as 'Hamen'
Egg and - 'Eggen'
Double - as 'Dobol'
Sandwich - as 'Sandwits'
Cheese - as 'Chiz'

Pinoy funny signs price list
Apostrophe overload - that feeling when you feel like every word you write should appear in the possessive form.

Pinoy funny signs customer
This goes to the Conio types out there!

Pinoy funny signs jeepney
Conio - used to describe spoiled rich kids who often mix their English and Tagalog (
The crystal clear truth - 'No Bell' for sure.

Pinoy funny signs post no bill
Lastly, coming from the social media department, we found this on Twitter:

Pinoy funny signs twitter status
Source: Twitter screengrab
I'm having difficulty with my course, I want to shift
There's a big load of materials similar to what were posted in this article. Should you want more, just use the key phrases 'Pinoy funny signs' on Google search.

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