PNP reveals identity of gun-toting guy involved in SUV vs Taxi driver squabble along EDSA

The Philippine National Police (PNP) shared to the public the identification of the gun-toting SUV driver involved in a traffic altercation against a taxi driver along EDSA corridor a few days ago.

Karlvin Ang

A video of the said road rage has gone viral since then, making rounds in the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the video: SUV driver vs. Taxi Driver road rage / gun-toting on EDSA-Santolan flyover.

The PNP found out that the SUV driver / gun-toting guy was Karlvin Ang. He is an employee of the real estate company Primex Development Corporation.

The taxi driver positively identified Ang upon PNP's questioning procedures.

Meanwhile, in a news video released this evening, the SUV driver insisted that what he used in the toting incident was just a toy gun.

Charges have already been filed against Ang.

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