Raymart's camp exposes Claudine's 'Battered Wife' photos

Raymart Santiago's camp slammed the alleged 'Battered Claudine photos' that emerged on July 18, reportedly from a photoshoot where Claudine bared her bruises.

Battered Claudine photos

The controversial photos were not directly attributed to the 'abuses' done by Raymart but Claudine admitted, she accepts the fact that she's a 'battered wife'.

These are the 'Battered Claudine' images that circulated online, specially on social media portals; They were taken through screengrabs by Fashion Pulis.

Battered Claudine photos Topacio Tweet

Battered Claudine photos Topacio Tweet

Battered Claudine photos Topacio Tweet

On July 22 (Tue), a counter statement came out from the camp of Claudine's ex-husband Raymart, arguing that the said 'battered wife' images are actually, post-plastic surgery photos. The photo collage below seem to have changed the arguments going on. (Source: GMA News)

Battered Claudine photos are from post surgery

To counter check, we hovered onto the Twitter account of Atty. Topacio (https://twitter.com/FerdieTopacio); To our surprise, the Tweets above, dated July 14 were gone. Were they deleted?

The long and winding issue between former husband and wife Raymart and Claudine is taking a serious toll to itself. Let's see what comes after this clash of two obviously contradicting sides vis-à-vis the images cited by the two camps.

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