READ: PLDT 'Deliberately keeps Internet traffic slow and more expensive' in the Philippines

PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone is known as the 'largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. Among its wide range of services is Internet connection.

In the Philippines, PLDT serves quite a huge proportion of the population in terms telephony and television media.

But recently, we stumbled upon a post getting rounds on Reddit taking on PLDT's Internet service subscribers' complaints - 'Slow and Expensive Internet Traffic'.

Hence, the address 'How PLDT Deliberately Keeps Local Internet Traffic Slow and More Expensive In Philippines' by vlodia (

The article cited at least two problems related to PLDT, as listed below:

1. 'PLDT Doesn’t Want To Share Its Traffic Through Peers Via Unified IX'

PLDT Slow and Expensive Internet Traffic

2. 'PLDT Thinks It’s The Backbone'

PLDT Slow and Expensive Internet Traffic

Here's a PLDT spokesperson's response:
South Korean Internet users largely access content written in the South Korean language as well as for internet users in other major Asian markets like China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. 
That is principally why Internet traffic in these countries are largely domestic. In the case of the Philippines, we are fluent in English and are thus oriented towards overseas Internet content
Because of that, in the case of the Philippines, domestic peering will not address complaints of slow Internet speed
Are the problems fixable? Are other telecom networks aware of the said phenomenon? Read on with the author's on point ramblings with clear references on the side.

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