Miriam Defensor Santiago reveals she has stage 4 lung cancer, 'I was assured I can work'

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago revealed she has been diagnosed with a stage 4 lung cancer.

Miriam Defensor Santiago

She shared the information on Wednesday, during a televised press conference.

Some kind of a 'genetic mutation' in her left lung was found by the doctors in an examination.

Sen. Santiago said she will not be needing any chemotherapy but a 'one tablet a day' routine instead.

'I was assured I can work', Santiago told reporters.

Although chances are big for her to survive, Sen. Miriam will be needing a six-months constant lung monitoring and medication.

She is hopeful that things will be better in about six weeks - 'I will see you in six weeks, fully cured of cancer', the Senator assured.

Senator  Miriam Santiago has been on a medical leave since 2010 but she still manages to deliver speeches in various events in the past months. (Sources: 1, 2)

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