Skye McCole Dies News: 'The Patriot' star dies at 21

Skye McCole Bartusiak died on Saturday at the young age of 21, Latimes reported, as per confirmation from The Houston Coroner.

Skye McCole Bartusiak photo

Skye McCole appeared in Mel Gibson's year 2000 movie 'The Patriot'.

Up until now, the cause of death of McCole is still unknown. Her boyfriend found her 'unresponsive' on her bed, McCole's mother Helen Bartusiak told reporters.

Mrs. Bartusiak said she attempted to resuscitate her daughter but it did not work out.

Other films and TV shows Skye McCole appeared include "The Cider House Rules," "Don't Say a Word," "House," "Lost" and "CSI."

One of Bartusak's close friends Abigail Breslin Tweeted on July 20:
Rest in peace Skye McCole. (Source: Latimes)

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