SONA 2014 livestream on YouTube: Live coverage of PNoy's 5th State of the Nation Address

#SONA2014: SONA 2014 livestream video (no longer available) is now up and running via a Youtube channel hosted on RTVMPNoy. The feed is now rolling but the actual State of the Nation Address will be from 3:00 PM.

SONA 2014 live stream

SONA 2014 is where President Benigno "PNoy" Aquino III reports to the whole nation regarding his governance in general. It happens today, July 28 (Mon) live from Batasang Pambansa, Quezon City.

Today's event marks PNoy's 5th SONA. It is an event that is usually greeted with demonstrations / protests.

There will be SONA live coverage courtesy of the country's TV networks as well.

SONA or State of the Nation Address delivered by a President in the Philippines is a mandate, as per stipulated in the country's 1987 Constitution. It is delivered during every fourth Monday of the month of July.

It is followed by a congressional session.

Here's to watch the live coverage of President Aquino's State of the Nation Address (SONA 2014):

Meanwhile, class suspensionsn have been issued to several schools, including elementary and secondary in Quezon City in view of the possible traffic congestion brought about by PNOy's national address on Monday.

Congress officials attending 2014 SONA
Disclaimer: The live stream video embed used in this post is a free service courtesy of RTVMPNoy.

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