10-year old girl dies of congestive heart failure: Rejected admission by Butuan Doctors Hospital due to insufficient down payment

A mother's 10-year old daughter died due to 'Congestive Heart Failure', on July 16, 2014 at around 3:00am. Her parents' cash at the time was not enough, hence Yanna was refused admission in Butuan Doctors Hospital.

Jannary Chan or Yanna

Jannary Chan or 'Yanna' at 6-months old has already been diagnosed of having congenital heart disease. Later on, she developed diabetes with kidney problems.

Last month, Yanna had to be confined in a hospital for constant monitoring of her deteriorating conditions. She then needed to be transferred to another hospital - Butuan Doctors Hospital (Butuan City) to address her emergency requirements for treatment.

Yanna in the hospital

She was critical.

While we do not wish to imply any bias in relaying this tragic incident, we hereby share in toto, the Facebook status post made by Yanna's mother on July 11 (Mon), 2014.

As of the latest, Butuan Doctors Hospital has not yet issued an official statement.

Butuan Doctors Hospital

Butuan Doctors Hospital, Butuan City
Tel num: 085 3427000 loc 122 (admin department)

Source: Tutz Salarda's post (https://www.facebook.com/tutz.salarda)

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Manuel Llanes said...

fk this pathetic excuse of a Hospital should be closed.

Anonymous said...

Fk her parents for letting her get that fat.