2014 Commonwealth Games Results: Singapore goes home with 6/7 golds in table tennis

The Singaporean teams took home at least six out of seven possible golds during the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow, Scotland.

20th Commonwealth Games Results - Mens singles
Gold medalist Jian Zhan, Ning Gao (Silver) and Liam Pitchford (Bronze) of England
Zhan Jian emerged victorious in men's singles while Feng Tianwei and Yu Mengyu got another gold in the women's doubles.

Jian fought with fellow Singaporean Gao Ning. The two were good friends but had to compete for the gold. They did not worry though, as long the medals go to Singapore, they are fine with it.

"It was exciting but also painful because it was a long competition. It was a really stern test for us. But Gao is still the main man.", Jian praises Gao.

"As long as the medals go to Singapore, then it's fine.. Of course I wanted to win gold but the silver's not bad. I prepared well for the matches, especially for the semi-finals", Gao said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Feng and Yu had to face Australians Lay Jian Fang and Miao Miao.

20th Commonwealth Games Results. Coming from the Commonwealth Games, the Singaporean teams will be very busy in the coming days, since the Asian Games will be in September. (Source)

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