Amazing acapella cover of 'Every Breath You Take' by Vocal Sampling

'Every Breath You Take' is a song of New Wave band 'The Police'. It was released through a 1983 album titled 'Synchronicity'. It was written by no less than Sting.

Vocal Sampling covers Every Breath You Take

You must have heard quite a lot of covers and even performances of the song 'Every Breath You Take', but this one by the 'Vocal Sampling' is just amazing to a different level.

Here is a music video (EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE por Vocal SAMPLING) published last year, sometime in April.

They say, the human voice is the most 'versatile' musical instrument there is, but as well, it could be the most difficult to play.

In the case of musical group Vocal Sampling, the saying is true.

Vocal Sampling is an acapella musical group from Cuba. They have the richest imitation of the piano, cowbell, conga, bass, and trumpet. They've been nominated in three (3) Latin Grammy Awards so far.

The group members are the following:

  • René Baños
  • Jorge Chaviano
  • Oscar Porro
  • Abel Sanabria
  • Reinaldo Sanler
  • Renato Mora

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