Californians lose tap water due to drought, Irrigation dries up

Hundreds of Californians residing in the rural homes of San Joaquin Valley are now suffering from extreme drought, making their ditches and rice farms dry.

California drought

Tap water supplies became scarce, while wells dried up due to the 'water issue' in East Porterville.

According to reports published by 'Porterville Recorder', at least 13% or 182 of 1,400 homes have no access to water. The diminishing water supply forced the national authorities to send bottled water rations.

Residents heavily rely on the water supply coming from the Tule River, but due to the drought, river flows decreased significantly.

Meanwhile, low income households may need to sign up for a grant program in order to continue receiving water ration, Office of Emergency Services Manager Andrew Lockman told AP.

The country is in for a serious struggle, hence it is asking some local companies to donate bottled water.

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