Citizens panic because Facebook is down - bombards LA police with 911 calls

A few days ago, Facebook acted up, sending the LA police a rather unusual 911 calls from the panicking citizens.

Facebook is Down - LA 911

As citizens of Los Angeles went desperate to regain access to their Facebook accounts, they trooped to place 911 calls. To which, a LA police officer responded to, straightforward through a Tweet.
'Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down, we don't know when FB will be back up!' wrote Sgt. Burton Brink on Friday.

Facebook operation in LA was restored an hour after the digital commotion. People went amok upon seeing the Facebook message:
Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.
Things to happen in Los Angeles county, for the Sheriffs to deal with, during a random Facebook technical shutdown.

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