Convergys employee leaves a suicide note blaming Microsoft ADP Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga

The alleged suicide of a certain Convergys employee identified as Ernie Cadjong Antigua Jr. happened at the midnight of Friday, posted by Facebook user Kevin Ray Chua.

Ernie Cadjong Antigua Jr suicide note

The incident took place in a certain 'i2' building in Cebu. Mr. Antigua Jr. took his own life after learning that he was dumped by the girl he loves and adore a lot, for 'no certain reasons' whatsoever.

The suicide note of the said young man went out of the social media today, through Facebook in particular, mentioning a few names to send his thanks. In a quite lengthy message, he mentioned the name 'Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga' at least 14 times.

In the beginning, Mr. Antigua sounded like blaming Ms. Gonzaga for the drastic move he has taken. 'What ever happens today it is because of Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga of Microsoft ADP on Convergys i2 Building.. Gi buwagan ko nia for no reason..' (She dumped me for no reason..), Antigua opens his post.

Ernie ended his suicide note with the following line:
To Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga a.k.a in FB as Gracee Gee: I love you so much and that even my death could not stop me from loving you
The suicide note of Ernie Cadjong Antigua Jr.

A name search for both 'Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga' and 'Gracee Gee' on Facebook returns a 'Sorry, we couldn't find any results for this search.' result.

Some of the commenters say, the accounts must have already been deactivated.

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