Davao City council pronounces Ramon Bautista a 'Persona non grata' (Hipon joke update)

Davao city council, through a resolution finally had its declaration of Manila based comedian Ramon Bautista as 'Persona non grata' or an unwanted person, over his 'hipon' joke during his promotion stint at the Kadayawan Festival over the weekend, Bot Consultancy reported on Tuesday.

Ramon Bautista a Persona non grata

Bautista's immediate apology during the very ocassion where he joked about Davao's women, and his second for that matter, did not do any charm to prevent the city council from issuing a resolution.

The festival had its last two days of celebration on August 16 and 17, wherein Bautista was hired by the event's organizers as an endorser of AyosDito.com.

Part of the resolution reads, 'Mr. Bautista willfully and arrogantly intended to propagate a culture of sexism and male chauvinism that promotes rude and disrespectful behavior against women'.

The above line was referring to a side but still related issue wherein Bautista posted on his Instagram a photo him with his arms 'draped' over three young women attending the festival, captioned 'Ito ang kabataan ngayon hihi', with the hashtags #Kadayawan #PasisikatinKitaHijaFoundation.

Ramon Bautista with girls in Kadayawan Festival 2014

Other entities dragged to the 'hipon' joke issue were 'Napoleon Nazareno of Smart Communications, and Andrew Santiago of Magic 89.9 radio station where Bautista is under contract', our source website added.

Copy of the resolution declaring Ramon Bautista as Personal non grata:

Ramon Bautista persona non grata resolution

Ramon Bautista persona non grata resolution

The resolution declaring Ramon Bautista as 'Persona non grata' was sponsored by Councilor Tomas Monteverde IV.

Update as of 12:19 PM, Aug. 19, 2014 - Ramon Bautista after being declared as Persona non grata:

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