Drunk driver with 100 chickens on board his car gets the surprise penalty of his life

A drunk driver in Nebraska was apprehended by police sometime in January, for cramming at least 100 chickens in his car.

Drunk driver with chickens jammed in his car

Apparently, Luis Motola-Placio was pulled over for driving without headlights on.

To the surprise of the police officers who flagged down Placio, only slightly over half of the chickens remained alive. The others were crushed to death due to the weight of the other chickens on top of them.

Upon retrieval of the surviving chickens, they were immediately sent to Central Nebraska Humane Society.

The driver got the penalty of his life - a 180 day jail sentence, fine of $1,000, conviction of drunk driving and a ban on driving for 15 years.

What 100 chickens and drunk driving can do while you are in Nebraska.

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