Remember the math wiz kid? He's not alone and they get a scholarship!

'Math Wiz Kid' Gerald's video went viral online after it was shared on social media networks. He was seen answering people's random questions on numbers' roots.

Math wiz kids joel geral and RG

Gerald does the mental calculation easy as a piece of cake. He amazed the passersby with his exceptional match skills.

Watch Gerald's video:

The video created a big buzz on social sharing sites and news lines as well.

Thus, a team from a local TV Network, ABS-CBN tried to dig deeper into the story of the math wiz kid and turned out, he is not alone with the same kind of exceptional math talent.

Gerald got a couple of friends, who live in the street to make a living out of asking small amounts of money from people, in exchange of answering mathematical questions.

The other two match wiz kids are Joel and RG, both eleven years old. They are both enrolled in a public school but because of their economic status, they end up wandering the streets to look for scraps to sell to nearby junk shops.

Watch how they answer the questions asked by the reporter:

When asked how they learned the technique, the kids said they were taught by a group of engineering students from the University of Santo Tomas, a private and Roman Catholic university in the Philippines founded on April 28, 1611.

To help the kids pursue their studies better, ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. promised to attend to their educational needs.

Well, Gerald should also get the same opportunity to hone his skills by attending an appropriate school.

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