Filmmakers cry foul over online upload of Cinemalaya movies

Reportedly, some Cinemalaya movies / films from the past years were uploaded online, sending filmmakers to shock and disbelief the materials were even live on the official website of Cinemalaya.

The incident was noticed by film critic Philbert Dy. On August 9, Dy even saw full-length copies of the movie entries in Cinemalaya 2012 and 2013. The materials were on Youtube.
Early this morning, the screengrab below is still live. But as of publishing this article, the page is already restricted. The movie files must have already been set to private or totally removed from the site.

Cinemalaya movies uploaded online

Cinemalaya website

A series of Tweets poured in, expressing open disgust on what has been done to the movie files.

Following the Internet commotion is Cinemalaya Foundation's official statement through its official Facebook page.
Cinemalaya Foundation official statement

Upon further searches, the Cinemalaya movies were stored under the Youtube account of Janssen Agbada, one of the technical stuff of the film festival.

Cinemalaya movies and or films making it to online video sharing sites caused uproar in the social media.

Is this a matter of negligence or of relaxed take on the integrity of the works of the movie makers and producers?

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