Golden cockroach found in a cookie bought from Mrs. Fields in MOA (Photos)

On August 2, 2014, Angelica Castada and her colleagues purchased four (4) cookies from Mrs. Fields, Mall of Asia (MOA), Pasay City. Two of the cookies were eaten inside a cinema, while the other two were brought to a hotel room.

Golden cockroach found in a cookie bought from Mrs. Fields in MOA

What Castada found out grossed her out. She first noticed a brown hair-like thing in one of the cookies, only to find out it was a cockroach's antenna.

Further venturing into the wonders of what she was about to discover was a golden cockroach 'submerged' in the cookie, its head was 'peeking out of the chocolate topping', Castada narrated.

Mrs. Fields reciept

The group of Castada and that of Mrs. Fields met already. But apparently, no amenable resolutions nor agreement, whatsoever reached.

Castada regarded her experience as 'disappointing', knowing Mrs. Fields is an international brand and yet it could not hand a simple customer service and satisfaction issue.
The General Manager was so rude to us and even implied that the roach may have been imbedded [embedded] or implanted by us
Here is the full story, as shared by Ms. Castada on her Facebook account:

Disclaimer: The write up in this article was purely based on the story and experience shared by the above-mentioned Facebook user.
The side of Mrs. Fields were not available for public consumption. To the best of our understanding, it might have been undocumented. But of course, the bakeshop can always present its side of the story.

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tess said...

that is nasty looking roach..