Bizarre: Hongkong couple 'salted, cooked and packed into lunchboxes' by son

It was an unfortunate fate for elderly couple 65-year-old Chau Wing-ki and his wife Siu Yuet-yee, 62 as they were found lifeless, reportedly killed and dismembered by their own son before another equally gruesome act, the AFP News via Yahoo! PH published on Wednesday.

Henry Chau

After killing his own parents, 30-year-old son Henry Chau and his friend 'salted, cooked and packed into lunchboxes' the elderlies.

From the initial statements of the prosecutors, it is believed that the grotesque killing was pre-planned.

As per evidence read in a court, Chau is said to have admitted in an Internet group that he wanted to divert the police attention by making the crime a missing person case.

Chau called himself a 'psychopath'. One of his messages read:
I cannot empathise with people's pain because of my experience from childhood and adolescence

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