Japan proposes 'Special English Zones' as part of its tourism strategy (Cool Japan)

Japan is on the way to intensifying its tourism campaign under the banner of 'Cool Japan' by possibly putting up special zones where English language is the 'officially spoken language'.

Cool Japan

According to tourism strategist Tomomi Inada, the person behind 'Cool Japan', the updated campaign includes a rather global approach. It is to take into the global challenge. Hence, a proposal was passed, which includes '32 different plans' to expand the above-mentioned tourism theme.

Aiming at equipping Japan to actively participate in 'international cultural and economic exchanges in the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics', creating 'Special English Zones' was put forward for consideration.

Companies establishing zones using English as 'their working language would be eligible for tax deductions', Japan Today wrote.

Along with the said move is the provision of additional funding to increase bilingual form of broadcasting on TV; Programs shall be using English subtitles more intensively.

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