Jules Estrada under the tirade of Dj Mo Twister, yet again!

Jules Estrada, son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada made it to the tirade list of DJ Mo Twister again, this time taking on an alleged Ferrari owned by the ABS-CBN newcomer.

Mo Twister vs Jules Estrada

In an Instagram post by Twister about two days ago, he wrote in the description the following initial texts:
How to Properly Be A Douchebag. Exhibit A: @julesestrada
It was followed by a number of steps to go on with the supposed procedure.

Along with Mo's status update is a photo of Jules (Julian) Estrada with a Ferrari key and the corresponding sports car.

A few hours after Twister's social media round, the young Estrada took to Twitter, seemingly to address the matter, he said:
For your information guys the sexy ass ferrari i posted wasnt mine & the key i held was just a lighter. no kiddin (: just to let u guys know
Sometime in July, Mo Twister went out on social network sites criticising Jules Estrada for using the derogatory term 'nigga' or 'nigger'.

A week before that, Twister argued with Jules and his sister Jel, on Twitter with the message - 'Does Jolo Ejercito have Twitter? I was hoping to cyber-bully him'.

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