Kabbadi Slap Fight in India is where b*tch slap technique originated?

In Mixed Martial Arts these days, if you are not familiar, we got a hit / strike or attack that is called 'Superman Punch'.

Kabbadi Slap Fight

It is done by delivering a leaping punch after jumping from a stance, like the photo below:

Superman punch

Now imagine if you have that with a series of slaps, say in a tournament that has long been practiced in India.

Well, originally it is called 'Kabbadi'. It is a wrestling-based contact sport, which originated in India in the early days.

Kabbadi is known as the national game of Bangladesh, and a state game for India's Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Punjab.

See how a Kabbadi Slap Fight is done:

There are several types of Kabbadi - Sanjeevani, Gaminee, and Amar. So, the question goes - Kabbadi slap fight is where the so called b*tch slapping originated?

If you got the granite chin and cheeks for this, you are definitely qualified to join. Plus, of course the agility to deliver those nasty slaps to your opponent's face.

Now, how about doing this game in the Philippines? What do you think?

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