Kickboxing world champ Buakaw caught with 'animal abuse' video

No less than the world's best kickboxer, K-1 fighter from Thailand Buakaw Banchamek (ring name Buakaw Por. Pramuk) was found with a rather controversial 'animal abuse' video circulating in the Internet just recently.

Buakaw animal abuse

If you watch the video under question by the netizens and animal rights advocates, you could be running some questions whether what Buakaw did was really an 'abuse' or just pure having fun with his pet, though a little bit harsh.

Watch: 'K-1 Fighter Buakaw abusing poor little puppy' VIDEO:

Later after the publication of the said video, Buakaw sent an apology for what had transpired involving him and the dog. The Thai fighter said, what happened was just a misunderstanding and that he was just misinterpreted.

Here is the issued apology of Buakaw:
To anyone who watched this video, I want to apologize if you were offended in anyway. The dog you saw in this video is name Milo. When he and his brothers were little, people tried to poison them to get rid of them. We at the gym adopted Milo and his brother cafe, and gave them a home and love. I was playing with the dog and it was misinterpreted, I didn’t mean to hurt the dog. The video was deleted and someone hacked the video. We ask you to please not share or comment any bad opinions of this misunderstanding. Know that Milo has a great family with us and is well taken care of! Sorry again. Buakaw Banchamek
What are your thoughts? Did Buakaw abuse the puppy?

In case you get curious of who Buakaw really is, in the world of martial arts, here a highlights video:

Buakaw has been in the movie 'Yamada: The Samurai of Ayothaya'.

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