Man invades an airport's waiting lounge with his amazing piano skills. Watch out at 1:50

Spending hours in the waiting lounge can be boring and torturous in a sense, given the time spent at a confined area with almost nothing to see but fellow passengers trying to survive the same agony.

Maan Hamadeh Fur Elise

But these people in an airport in Prague had the greatest treat they wanted when a guy named Maan Hamadeh (from a few online searches), sat in front of the piano and played Ludwig van Beethoven's Fur Elise, followed by the Titanic (movie) music, then that of the Twilight movie.

Hamadeh is a Consultant at Deloitte Middle East, United Arab Emirates. He is a graduate of the American University of Beirut. (

Maan Hamadeh Fur Elise

While at the above-mentioned professional inclination, Hamadeh is also into music. He's been into it since at the age of 5. At 15, he was able to create his very first piece of art.

Watch: Maan Hamadeh plays Fur Elise on Piano Video:

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