MRT Crash Pasay: In Photos (GMA News Youscoopers)

'MRT Crash Pasay news' got the commuting public in Metro Manila, shocked and terrified on Wednesday afternoon; A lot of people expressed their disappointment over what had happened in one of the highly utilized transport modes in the country.

FIND OUT MORE of the MRT crash news at MRT Taft Avenue station

Quite a number of passengers of the said train suffered injuries due to the mass transit accident.

To let you see the remnants of what had taken place today, here are some of the photos captured by the public. (Credits to the photo senders - 'Youscoopers')

MRT Crash Pasay

MRT 3 Crash Pasay

MRT 3 Crash Pasay

MRT 3 Crash Pasay photos

MRT 3 Crash Pasay photos

MRT 3 Crash Taft Pasay photos

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC) spokesperson Miguel Sagcal told media on Wednesday night:
The derailed train initially stalled between the Magallanes and Taft stations and, following railway SOPs, had to be pushed by the next oncoming train
The two trains were coupled or linked together, but along the way, this coupling disconnected. This caused the derailed train to go past the Taft platform

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