Pinay clears self from alleged running over a dog to death incident

A few hours ago, a Filipina Facebook user's name and unfrotunately, her photo as well, was dragged into someone's Facebook timeline for some bashing due to what she allegedly did to a dog.

In a certain post, the accused Facebook user is quoted to have said:
bad monday! ayaw tumabi ng aso kanina sa kalsada kahit bumubusina na ako! ayaw nya kasi tumabi e.. kawawa nman si doggie. RIP (bad Monday.. the dog just won't step aside no matter how I honked)
Internet rumors

From the looks of it, the girl was immediately judged of what 'she did'.

It makes you wonder how fast people would put on a tirade just to get an unverified incident across social media networks.

The comments on the said post were even more disturbing, as what can be seen below:

Internet rumors comments

So to keep a fair representation of the parties involved in this incident, we tried to reach out to the accused individual. But as of publishing this article, we did not receive any response yet. Hence, we decided to hide any possible identifications.

After a few hops on Facebook, we found the accused person's page. According to her, she was misrepresented.

Pinay accused of killing a dog

Hopefully, things can be settled soon out of this saddening maliciously concocted incident. It is scary enough how people would tend to jump into drastic moves these days, so be mindful of what others do to your identity online.

Be ready to defend yourselves.

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