Ramon Bautista upsets Davao city vice Mayor Duterte over 'HIPON' joke (+Video)

Comedian and UP professor Ramon Bautista somewhat hurt the feelings of the DavaoeƱos with his 'HIPON' joke during his attendance of the 'Spectrum Invasion' part of the celebration of Kadayawan Festival over the weekend.

Update (Aug. 19, 2014) : Ramon Bautista issued his second apology

Ramon Bautista hipon sa davao

Kadayawan Festival is Davao's annual grand activity for thanksgiving.

At the most, Bautista even got city Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte disappointed. In his official Facebook page, Duterte posted the following notes expressing his reaction over what the comedian had said.

'HIPON' (Lit. shrimp) is a locally concocted term in the Philippines, which refers to a person who has a 'sexy bod' with an ugly face.
Hipon means shrimp in Filipino. When eating shrimps, you usually eat the body and throw the head away. (UrbanDictionary.Com)
With the said notion, while you are eating a shrimp, you usually throw out the head and eat the body part.

Watch Ramon Bautista making fun of the term 'Hipon'.

The Vice Mayor pointed out - of all the things that Ramon can delve into, he chose to take on to the women of Davao. If you were able to do this in other places, don't do it here, Duterte said.

'Ramon Bautista, umayos ka (you behave)', the Vice Mayor ended his statement.

In a follow up video uploaded on Facebook on Sunday, Ramon Bautista apologized. From the looks of it, Duterte came to the venue where the comedian was entertaining the Kadayawan crowd. Apparently, Duterte asked the latter to seek for apologies from the Dabawenyos for his unpalatable reference.

Video: Ramon Bautista apologizes to the Dabawenyos:

Slapping Incident - Inday Sara Duterte vs. Ramon Bautista: But wait, there is more! Before the apology, Bautista was first confronted by Inday Sara Duterte, sister of VM Duterte. Reportedly, an argument took place, where eventually, Sara slapped the comedian.

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