Salarymen in Tokyo Drunk After Payday Party (PHOTOS)

The term 'Salaryman' (サラリーマン, Sararīman) in Japanese culture refers to the working individuals in the corporate world.

Salarymen in Tokyo

It has become somewhat of a spectrum in looking at people's stability of lifestyle, at least after World War II.

Since it has been widely used in many written materials, the term 'Salaryman' became gradually accepted in the English-speaking countries.

Salarymen in Tokyo

'Salaryman' may also refer to career men and women. As such, it maybe compared to the so-called 'socialites' in other Asian cities. The nature or the way they party after receiving their salary is pretty much similar, not to mention the inevitable end - going home drunk. Worst, some can be found lying and in deep slumber somewhere, in the streets or maybe inside public facilities.

Salarymen in Tokyo

Here's a selected compilation of how 'Salarymen' in Tokyo look like after a hard-days work followed by a payday.

See Photos of Salarymen in Tokyo Drunk After Payday / Party:

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