Garage rat caught by trap, stopped moving then a creepy thing happened at 0:43

Spirit Leaves the Body of a Mouse..
It's been said and argued that every creature has his/her or its own life, soul or spirit for that matter. Do you believe it? This video of a rat in a garage filmed by a resident in Richmond, MI, United States showed something creepy.

Spirit Leaves the Body of a Mouse
This is kinda morbid.. Caught this little guy poking around my garage. I wasn't going to post it but then I noticed something right at 43 seconds, almost identical to the time he stops twitching...
According to Facebook user Paul Rozek (, he caught the little creature 'poking around' his garage. He was not going to post it until he noticed something eerie at 0:43 seconds mark in the video.

Watch the clip closely, don't blink from 0:43:

While the video owner Paul argued that his video is authentic, some of the comments say otherwise.

In your own analysis and opinion, is this video of a rat with its soul (spirit) departing fake or real?

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