Tagum city student returns lost wallet with P150,000 worth cash + checks

Jeffrey Balbero is a 4th year high school student of Tagum City National High School. The exceptional spirit of honesty he displayed upon finding a wallet containing a huge amount of money is surely a deed worthy to emulate.

Jeffrey Balbero

Balbero is in fact, an orphan and a working student at the same time. He works for the Hingpit family as a houseboy. His economic status did not lure him to take the cash and checks amounting to about P150,000 he found inside his school's gymnasium.

Apparently, the huge amount of money was left by a student's parent.

[Trans] The boy internalized that ever since he came here, honesty is the best policy, Dr. Eugenia Hingpit, Jeffrey's boss told ABS-CBN news.

The remarkably honest student is due for a special recognition by his school on Monday, Principal of Tagum City National High School Judith Onlos said.

Video report:

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