'The Sky Is Looking Beautiful Today' photos trend on Twitter turns disturbing

In some parts of the world around this time, the sun could be shining bright at the horizon, sending good tidings and motivation for people to go through the day with whatever tasks they are expected to deliver.

The Sky Is Looking Beautiful Today

'The Sky Is Looking Beautiful Today' is a topic, which trended on Twitter (US) today. The posts bear photos of beautiful skies with fair portion of a city scape, including sea shores and mountain lines.

But there was this one particular photograph that sent everyone puzzled.
It is a rather creepy sight of a driver's view of the wrong side of the road. One can only imagine what had happened next.

This Tweet came pretty much attuned to the above-featured photo:
So what's your 'The Sky Is Looking Beautiful Today'? Are they as scary as that of Ice Man's? (@wheresthemayo)

Be careful if you drive out there. Be safe!

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