Armpit hair selfies get trending in Chinese Microblog

Armpit hair selfie, how about that? Well, it's trending FYI.

Selfie has been gaining some grounds in the social media realm, and just recently, this 'unshaven armpit selfies' has been the talk on a Chinese microblog network Weibo.

Unshaven armpits can be big no-no for the public to visually feast on. But for some, they may find it gratifying and appealing to a certain degree.

According to Youtube user TomoNews US, even Hollywood celebrities did the armpit selfie craze - Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore, Maddona.

Watch the video:

Armpit hair selfies for girls became one of the hottest trends in a Chinese microblogging site.

armpit hair selfie contest on weibo page

Here is a short background how armpit hair selfie craze came about and its spread online.

There was a Chinese online competition, which asked girls to upload their armpit hair pictures to a page setup on Weibo. Surprisingly, it attracted quite a huge number of followers. The images garnered about 29 million views in just five days.
The organizer of the event wrote on the page that the contest aimed to infuse positive energy and a healthy attitude in women in regard to their perception of beauty.. (TomoNews US)
'girls, you should have confidence that you are beautiful just the way you are, shaven or not.', the organizer of the activity added.

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