VIDEO: Owner of dog poisoned to death by neighbor cries for justice

A video of a dog named 'Marley' vomiting blood due to poisoning has been circulating online, since July 23, 2014.

Based on the Facebook page 'Katarungan para ky marley' (Justice for Marley), the poisoning was done by a neighbor using a rat poison stuffed in a bread.

Although Marley was already brought to a veterinarian, his internal organs still failed. He literally died drawing blood out of his mouth, while at the arms of his owner.

This was Marley when he was still alive. He was playful and healthy.

Marley poisoned using Racumin

From the information we have gotten from the Facebook page, a neighbor simply hates dogs, so she decided to give the poisoning a go.

The poor dog fell to the trap.

The responsible person who allegedly poisoned Marley was identified as Gil Palomar. Prior to the gruesome killing, she already issued threats. So the owner of the dog immediately seek the help of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc or PAW. The following warning letter was sent to Palomar:

PAW warning letter

A hearing was already scheduled and it will be today at 10:00 AM at the Office of the Prosecutor's Office in Taguig City. Both the owner of Marley and Palomar were summoned to appear in the meeting.

To keep track of the updates and news regarding the case of Marley, go to this FB page:

Here is the tragic and heart-breaking video of Marley dying slowly due to poisoning:

Marley's owner posted a specimen of the remaining bread used by Palomar to lure her pet.
Marley poisoned bread

As of posting this article, the 'Katarungan para ky marley' (Justice for Marley) page has already gotten 10,421 likes. The video showing Marley vomiting blood has already been shared 1,100 times already.

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