VIDEO: How processed ramen noodles look like inside the stomach

This is how processed ramen noodles look like inside stomach in the process of digestion!

A group of researchers composed of local doctors deployed a tiny video device inside a stomach of a person who has taken processed ramen noodles. They wanted to know what happens after the noodles are sitting inside the digestive system.

Processed ramen noodles inside the stomach

What you will see and find out will surely make you think twice about eating the same kind of processed food ever again.

The capsule-like camera captured the stomach in action, contracting and trying to grind the noodles.

Interestingly, a comparison was made between processed ramen noodles and fresh home-made ones - at time slots 20 minutes and 2 hours. Both in the first and second time segments, the home-made noodles looked more digested, as how it should really be.

Watch the video:

The researchers say, the preliminary findings may still be inconclusive at the moment but the video that spread online was indeed provocative.

The video showing how the processed ramen noodles are being digested does call upon further study efforts to investigate other health related questions.

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