WARNING: Possibly new modus to extort money or demand ransom.. Don't shut your phone down!

Here is a seemingly legit find regarding a possibly new modus to extort money or even release ransom from your love ones.

Phone 3G update scam

There is this re-post from someone on Instagram, wherein someone was asked by an anonymous caller to shut his/her phone down.

The caller claimed he was from the receiver's mobile service provider and that, in order for a certain 3G update to take place, the phone needs to be turned off for '2 hours'.

Since the call receiver was on a rush for a meeting, he/she just followed the instruction without further questions.

What turned out later was a freaky surprise. The phone owner have gotten so many miscalls from relatives while his/her phone was off. Read the full story below:

Shutdown phone scheme for 3G update

These days, scamming strategies are getting smarter and techy. Beware of how you are being asked or directed to do certain things.

So while the call receiver's phone was off, the caller contacted his/her relatives to ask for some malicious demands.

Although, it takes a lot of efforts to get you and your relatives' contact information, it is still safer to be mindful of some simple protocols before obliging yourselves to submit to strangers' requests.

At the minimum, know who is calling you, from what company and at least, he/she knows how to address you, with your surname or first name for that matter.

Beware of this mobile phone scheme!

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