Are Malaysians racist? This experiment video gone viral has a moving revelation

Racism in Malaysia is even regarded as "Institutionalized" and it extends down to the realms of socio-economics and even culture and religion, as pointed out by an online "Malaysia Factbook".

Racism in Malaysia

Amid state racial or ethnic discrimination in Malaysia, there was this video, which had gone viral online and it has been getting a lot of attention. It was even used by social activist Marina Mahathir to voice out her takes towards the "racists" in Malaysia.

"Take that all you racists! Malaysians are just better than that", Mahathir said.

Marina pointed out that, perhaps there has not been enough chances for the non-racists out there to speak up. They do exist, the activist stressed.

"So yes, this is great, and yes, it does give hope. We need more of this to counter the racists", Marina told an online Malay News agency.

Here is the video, wherein a group of Malaysians from different ethnic groups were asked to repeat derogatory words and remarks against another race. They did not know they were being filmed.

In the over five (5) minutes video, the Malaysians who participated refused to repeat the words they were asked to do so.

So how racist are Malaysians? Watch and be moved!

Racism is a plague, eating humanity of its purest purpose of existence. Do you agree?

Tell us what you think!

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