Argentinian artists create 'Virgin Mary' Barbie and 'Jesus Christ' Ken, angers Catholics

Catholic bishops went furious over what two Argentinian artists created for their coming show titled "Barbie, The Plastic Religion" - 'Virgin Mary' Barbie and 'Jesus Christ' Ken.

Virgin Mary Barbie and Jesus Christ Ken

The art show is slated on October 11 in Buenos Aires.

While Barbie has had numerous professions in her about 60 years of existence, it never had any take on religious figures until recently.

Artists Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini made at least 33 dolls depicting Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, including some saints in the Christian denominations.
The artists’ collection featured on their Facebook page includes religious figures from Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Although the artists decided against creating a Ken doll as Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, they do depict Jesus being crucified on the cross. (Source)
The two artists wrote on their Facebook page, they would not dare depict the prophet of Islam in such a creation "out of their great respect for Islam". They did clear it that they did not intend to offend any religion.

While the above statement is somewhat evasive and selective, it has to be noted that Islam greatly reveres Mary and Jesus. In fact, there is even a full Quranic chapter named after Mary - "Surah Maryam".

An insult to both on religious regard per se is also tantamount to an insult towards Islam.

The works of the said artists provoked debates in Argentina and France.

Christian brethren, what's your take on this?

Hat tip to CoolBuster for featuring this topic.

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